Jazz club Bašta – Music festival

From November 12th to 16th, Jazz club Bašta organizes a music festival. Five days, five different genres – electro swing, jazz, blues, movie music and funk!

Jazz klub Bašta

Jazz klub Bašta

Festival starts with a blend of classic and modern, excellent electro swing and sax music by Aleksandar Šarović. It continues in a jazz style with Kochetov Quintet and the night dedicated to the great Frank Sinatra. The third festival day is reserved for the spectacle of 11 member band – Di Luna Blues Band & Horns Incorporated. Sunday, November 15th will be filled with enchanting music from Disney movies, while the festival will close our jazz diva of a powerful voice Tanja Jovićević and her band. Jazz club Bašta is located nearby Jump inn hotel at art interesting district Savamala, so it is a warm tip to spend at least one evening listening some quality music.

Program – Jazz club Bašta

Thursday, November 12th, 9 PM
Electro swing
Dejan Reljić & Aleksandar Šarović

Friday, November 13th, 10 PM
“Blue Eyes are Back” tribute to Frank Sinatra
Kochetov Quintet

Saturday, November 14th, 10 PM
Di Luna Blues Band & Horns Incorporated

Sunday, November 15th, 9 PM
Disney Music
Nemanja Nikolić Quartet

Monday, November 16th, 9 PM
Tanja Jovićević Bend