BINA X – Belgrade International Architecture Week

From 7th to 30th of May will be organized BINA X, 10th Belgrade International Architecture Week, at several different locations in Belgrade.

The tenth edition of this event will be marked by a very interesting and free exhibition program in several gallery spaces: KCB, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fine Arts Gallery, French Cultural Institute, Nebojsa Tower, Historical Archives of Belgrade.

“The view from a window” follows the life of one of emblematic blocks of New Belgrade, block 61; “Atlas of imaginary places” is a result of interdisciplinary research area of ​​border literature and architecture; interactive exhibition “BINA decades” is a retrospective review of achievements and impact of cultural and educational events in the past decade.

“Getting Things Done” is a contemporary architectural production of Austrian province of Forarlberg, while the exhibition “Raising the curtain” reveals a wide audience lesser-known architectural network of cooperation and impact, resulting in countries of Central Europe in the 20th century.


Every year in addition to the BINA festival are organized traditional themed walks, lead by architects and art historians. The intention is to show to citizens of some less available or hidden, according to experts, worthy parts of the city or individual facilities.

This year in the program are: Kralja Petra Street, Women’s handwriting in the architecture of Belgrade, Sava coast Fare, building SIV, Friendship Park, Alley of the New Cemetery.

BINA is from the beginning dedicated to dealing with the young generation, so this year a significant part of the program are workshops for children and youth.