7th Balkan Cheese Festival

Exhibition of original Balkan cheeses, with more than 300 cheese varieties from all over the Balkan peninsula, will be held on February 17th and February 18th in Belgrade Youth Center.

In recent top-list made by CNN, Serbia is ranked number four among the countries and places tourists should visit in 2018. But even more interesting than the fact Serbia is ranked so high is what CNN says about food in Serbia. While it is common for guides to recommend meat dishes, this list explicitly mentions Serbian cheeses as something visitors must try. This is another sign that foreign markets are now aware of great variety of cheese products in Serbia. Producers have the chance to expand their businesses accordingly, provided they know how to package and present their cheeses.

Balkan Cheese Fest 2

Festival will bring together exhibitors from several Balkan countries: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. A great number of very different geographical locations in the Balkan peninsula translates in great variety of cheeses, and to this variety in origin must be added the same richness in techniques of production, with astounding amount of different final products throughout the region. Special guest of 7th Balkan Cheese festival is one country not from the Balkans – Italy. Our neighbors from the other side of Adriatic sea are famous for the their great cheese, and producers for our region can learn a lot from Italians, as they have huge experience in traditional cheese making.

Visitors choose winners

Seventh Balkan Cheese festival will be opened from 10AM to 20PM, while the best exhibitors will be announced at 18PM on Sunday. Balkan Cheese Festival is unique for the fact the awards are not decided among the jurors, but awarded by visitors, so exhibitors have a special reason to make their stands as friendly and as tasty as possible. A ticket for the festival costs just 250 rsd, with tasting of cheeses included, and tasting of wines served by the cheeses as a special bonus. Jump Inn hotel warmly recommends this event, not only because visitors can see and try some fantastic cheeses, but they can also buy them.

Balkan Cheese Fest 3