Are you ready for the winter night half-marathon?

There’s no better way to experience Belgrade than a run trough the city. A bicycle ride is also a good choice, but there are still gaps in cycling paths in Belgrade, while a runner may go wherever he or she wants, including some less known parts of the city. Belgrade is a perfect city for jogging, as there are huge green patches, either parks or woods, most of the connected with each other or next to central parts of the city, making it easy to plan great running routes.

During the last year or two we saw an expansion of foot races in Belgrade, most prominent being half-marathons, as there are many peopele in Belgrade who can run such a distance, the half-marathon being the maximum for most joggers. Another innovation in running culture of Belgrade is the introduction of night runs, which is great, as there is much less danger from the traffic during the night and the air quality is better.

A race we would like to recommend to our guest, if they are able to make it, is Winter night half-marathon, which will be held on February, 17th 2018. February is a great month for running, as it is the prelude to the spring season and the end of a winter rest, during which most of us have gained a few pounds. If you think February is too cold for running, the average temperature of +2°C is actually excellent for running, it is only necessary that you have a worm coat waiting for you at the finish line.

Three laps by the scenic river banks of Belgrade

Winter night half-marathon will take place along the banks of Sava and Danube, and three times runners will pass close to Jump Inn hotel. During whole of the race, runners will enjoy the scenery of Belgrade riverfront shining in the evening. One lap is 7km long, and the start is scheduled for 6 PM. Enrty fee is 1100 RDS (9.5€), and part of proceeds will be given to Home for street kids.

All runners should end the race within 2.5 hours, and pacers running in front of the group should help. Each participant who makes it on time will get a medal, while there will be no other prizes or formalities. Anybody can sign-up, but the limit is 3000 runners. At the finish line there will be hot drinks for all participants and also a massage for anybody who needs it.

This race is a great opportunity to get to know Belgrade and the people of Belgrade, and as the hotel is close to the track, a hot bath and dinner will be waiting for you right after the race. What more can you wish for?