BELEF – the 26th Belgrade Summer Festival will be held from June 23 to July 23 on several locations across the city.

Belef - Belgrade summer festival

Belgrade Summer Festival is the manifestation that presents magnificient artistic achievements from the theatre, music, visual art and other artistic discipline, throught the Summer, in order to animate people from Belgrade and foreign country.
On the 26th BELEF festiva, visitors will have opportunity to enjoy in theatre performances, exhibitions, concert of classical music and in performances and workshops for the youngest. A rich program, with a record number of cultural events, will feature this year’s BELEF with guests from India.


*23rd of June – Belef will be opened by the concert of Sanja Ilic and „Balkanika“ in In the garden of the Student Cultural Center (SKC).
*25th of June – An interactive concert, music workshops, Kids Music Workshops will be held first In the garden of the SKC. On the same day in the same place, will be held a fashion show by one of our most famous designers Suzana Perić, who will present her new collection for the spring of 2017.
*26th of June – In the National Theater, on the scene of Raša Plaović, the dance performance “Nušić triptih” will be premiered in the performance of IUI Transition Dance Company.
*27th of June – In the garden of the SKC, Alba Molina – the famous Spanish flamenco, jazz and blues singer and model, will hold a concert accompanied by Rikard Moren, one of the most famous flamenco and jazz composers and guitarists in Spain. In the same place will performe the urban Roma band Kal. On the same day, the exhibition “Roma Life” will be held at the Servantes Institute.
*28th of June – In the festive hall of the City Hall, pianist Vladimir Gligoric will hold a concert where he will perform works by Vasili Mokranjac.
*29th of June – In the grand Hall of the Student Cultural Center, a modern dance performance by Danse Macabre will be performed, inspired by the history and courage of the Serbian people during the First World War.
*30th of June – In the garden of the SKC will be held “Concert of joy” of the school of music talents from Ćuprija.
*1st of July – In the garden of the SKC will be presented the children’s play Cvetin Aničić “Vitamins Healthy Fine”, as well as the play “Where the Shadow Fades”, performed by members of the theater troupe from India’s Kriyatus Theater Trust.
*2nd of July – In the garden of the SKC, the Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, a unique musical ensemble of this kind, held a concert entitled “A hundred years of jazz”.
*3rd of July – In the garden of the SKC, a musical performance “DA and” RE “will be performed in the performance by Ana Vrbaški and Dišnjak Marka.
*4th of July – In the garden of the SKC, the performance “Women Dada” will be performed by Dah Theater . Photo exhibition by Lidija Antonović will be held on the same day at the Circus SKC gallery.
*5th of July – In the garden of SKC, Ivan Bosiljcic will hold a concert “A couple of verses for us”.
*8th of July – The exhibition “Apres” by art photographer Nemanja Maras, was announced in the large SKC gallery.
*9th of July – In the Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center will be held choreodrama “Navah”, a piece of dance, music and light, by Munir Said Egypt.
*10th of July – The concert “Music without the limit“ will be held by three blind and impaired artists at the Belgrade city hall.
*11th of July – In the garden of the SKC will be introduced the show “Come on men” directed by Marija Lipkovska, while the same day will start the seven-day cycle of performance “Snow and the Seven Deadly Sins”.
*12th of July – The concert of Nigerian musician Femi Kuti will be held in SKC’s garden. The same day in the house of the legacy will be opened the exhibition Silvane Handmade “Kaligrafija – traditional, modern, contemporary.”
*13th of July – In the garden of the SKC will be held a concert of the group “The Bestbeat” tribune of the band Beatles.
*14th of July – In the garden of the SKC there will be held a mobile installation of Theater Mimart.
*16th of July – The Great Hall of SCK will host a concert of the World Youth Choir, Hungary, which consists of 58 singers from 33 countries.
*18th of July – The concert of the band “Šinobusi” will be held in the garden of SKC.
*19th of July – In the Belgrade City Assembly, Jasmina Trumbetaš will hold a concert titled “Love and Life of Women”.
*23rd of July – This year’s Belef festival will be completed with a concert by Bajaga and Instructors in the garden of SKC.

The entrance will be free for some concerts and performances

Tickets for all contents at the BELEF 2017, for which there is no free entrance, can be purchased at the BELEF info desk in the garden of the SKC, as well as the tourist organization of Belgrade.

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