Cultural Summer in Savamala

Cultural Summer in Savamala at Miksaliste at Mostarska 5 has become part of the cultural and entertainment life of Belgrade.

The premiere of the musical “The brothers (B)lusers”, on June 29th (within BELEF), and the arrival of the first real sunny summer day marked the beginning of a new major begining, which will be extended to the Mixer House and the entire Savamala district.

Miksaliste will host a number of bands during the hottest summer months and provide quality public concert program.

Cultural Summer in Savamala

Already on July 8th, Israel comes to Savamala, where the concert will hold currently the most popular Israeli band Lola Marsh, and the same evening visitors will have the opportunity to hear and quality blues-funk music, with a performance by the Austrian organist Raphael Vresinga and most famous Brazilian blues guitarist Igor Prada.

Cultural Summer in Savamala – Parties, concerts, plays…

Cultural Summer in Savamala will continue with a concert Djuro & Sailors, on July 9th, within the program of BELEF on July 10th at Miksaliste will perform Big Band RTS and with its original design: The Beatles Songbook. End of the month, 30th July, is reserved for the most famous Macedonian guitar, trio Vlatko Stefanovski.


Weekends will be marked by good time for all ages, for audience at Miksaliste will be organized famous “umbrella party” and popular singers singing old songs which will take us back to the good old days.

The spectacular musical “The brothers (B)lusers” after the premiere will be played on 4, 5, 17 and 18th of July, in theater on July 16th. Miksaliste will host a unique project dedicated to the famous American jazz singer Billie Holiday.

July will be also marked by preparations for the August theatrical ventures, the play “I or someone else,” directed by Jelena Bogavac, text by Maja Pelevic and unusual project, “What the fuck are we doing here,” a play that will be performed in English, which speaks of the need of young people to leave Serbia in search of a better tomorrow.


Cultural Summer in Savamala will expand from Miksaliste to Mixer House, whose garden this summer blossoms and turns into a real green oasis in the heart of Savamala.

For the entire duration of summer, from June to September, Mixer House will host a number of creative people and exhibitors, so their products and handicrafts will be exhibited every day from 12.00 pm to 08.00 pm, within Savamala Design Expo, where all visitors can find a piece of clothing, jewelry, furniture, home accessories, handmade cosmetics and much more.