Guitar Art Festival 2018, March 16-21st

Guitar Art Festival will celebrate it’s 20th birthday this year, the one among few culture events in Serbia recognized and esteemed by general public as well as on the international scene. Festival will last for six days, from March 16th to March 21st, and is consisted of three parallel programs: concerts, competitions and masters classes. Concerts are the most interesting part for most visitors, and they will have the opportunity to see and hear greatest acoustic guitar artists during six concert days, with artist from all parts of the world and age, as well as performances of famous singers who are accompanied by a classic guitar.

But for many, master classes will be the best part of Guitar Art Festival 2018. Anybody can apply for these workshops, and participants can choose to be either active or passive, meaning they will get the chance to be heard by masters and be corrected by them, while others will follow the interaction. Two months ahead of the festival, almost all active seats were booked, with most of the participants showing interest for classes held by Dušan Bogdanović, Sergio Assad and Vera Ogrizović. Master workshops are one of most widely recognized part of Guitar Art Festival, which adopted the motto “Be Connected”, as one of festivals goals is to connect musicians from our region and their colleagues from across the world.

Along with professional musicians, Guitar Art Festival 2018 is also hosting young musicians from Serbia and other countries, who will compete for best solo guitar performances, in age categories ranging from 1986. to 2007. Awards for young musicians are up to 2000€, along with special gifts and opportunities for future solo acts.

Jump Inn hotel warmly recommends this amazing culture event to all fans of acoustic music, and especially for young guitarists this is a good time to visit Belgrade and present their talent to a wider audience. No matter if you plan to just hear a few performances or to be there for the whole festival, Jump Inn hotel can offer you best accommodation in Belgrade for the duration of Guitar Art Festival 2018.

Concert program of Guitar Art Festival 2018

March 17th Republic Square

  • 12:00 – 24:00 Michael Hill Blues Mob Trio + Belgrade guitar scene

Mart 18th Belgrade Youth Center

  • 18:00 Duo Mushkalica
  • 19:00 Joaquin Clerch
  • 21:00 Puerto Flamenco

March 19thBelgrade Youth Center

  • 18:00 Susana Prieto & Alexis Muzurakis
  • 19:00 Pacho Flores & Jesus Gonzales
  • 21:00 Srđan Bulatović & Darko Nikčević ansambl

March 20th – Sava Center

  • 20:00 Dulce Pontes

March 21st The Kolarac Endowment

  • 20:00 Peter Giran, Nejc Kuhar & Aleksandar Sedlar, World Guitar Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra El Sistema

See you at Guitar Art Festivalu 2018!