Museum night, cultural manifestation under the slogan „Open eyes in the night“, will be held on the 20th of Saturday from 5 pm till 1 am in fourty four places in Serbia, included Belgrade.

Museum night 2017: Great and small revolutions

Museum night is the part of Europian museum night and represent unique cultural spectacle in more than one hundred and twenty cities all over the world. Belgrade has been participated in this manifestation since 2006, and in the meantime became one of the most visited cultural manifestation in Serbia. This year museum night will be held for the 14th time. Visitor will have opportunity to visit museums, galleries and cultural institutions, and enjoy in exibitions and contents that are designed especially for this night.


The theme of the 14th museum night is: Great and small revolutions that had influenced on art and people lifes. The goal of this program topic is to inspire memories on revolutions of the last century and to encourage an individual to remember them in the new era.

This year theme is devised by representative Serbian culturologist: architect Branislav Mitrovic, director Nebojsa Bradic, historian Radina Vucetic, sculptor Mrdjan Bajic and graphic designer Borut Vild.

The program od 14th Museum Night will try to mark, close and remind people of revolutionaries and revolutionary phenomena that had changed the world. Visitors will have the oportunity to reveal new spaces and unknown venus and find out new stories about people, events and architecture of city.

Two hundred and fifty different events will take place in the one hundred and fifty two cultural institutions through Serbia: Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Čačak, Senjski Rudnik, Bačka Palanka, Veliko Gradište, Dimitrovgrad, Sombor, Kosovska Mitrovia, Jagodina, Leskovac.

Belgrade will have the best program in 67 institutions, included 12 premiers and 136 separate events. All locations are grouped in seven zones and ten different tours.

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Before or after visiting museums or galleries you can stop by Jump Inn hotel or our restaurant.