New Year’s celebration in Belgrade

belgrade parliament

New Year’s celebration is coming closer, so there is less and less time to think and decide where we want to be on the New Year’s eve. Those who still can’t make up their minds can rest assured they can always celebrate in the biggest possible company – on the streets of Belgrade. Hundreds of thousands of Belgrade’s residents and their guests are not even thinking about other options and are looking forward to celebrate the coming of 2018. in fresh air, in the very heart of the city. Weather should be reasonably good, as we do not expect especially cold December, so even the weather will play a role in the good mood which will rule in Belgrade on those days.

About 150.000 tourists arriving in Belgrade

For more than a decade now, Belgrade is the most popular destination in Southeastern Europe for New Year’s celebration. One of the reasons is there is always a large free concert in the city center, usually attended by more that 100.000 people, with smaller concerts on several locations throughout the city, mostly organized by the municipal authorities. Many bands and DJ’s will also be playing indoors, in clubs and other venues, and hundreds of pubs, bars, restaurants and taverns will be open for the night… All taken into account, several hundred thousands people will mingle in Belgrade on the night of December 31, at least 30% of that number being guests from other cities and countries, with guest from Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bulgaria leading the way.

Republic square

Performers soon to be announced

Central event of New Year’s celebration in Belgrade will be the big concert in front of the parliament building. The stage will not be erected for the sake of one night only though, as the first concert will be held a day earlier, on December 30th. But even that’s not all, as there will be a third concert (or rather first one) on December 29th, on still undisclosed location, so the party will last for whole three days for those who are able to remain on the streets three days in a row. All the events are being organized by CEBEF, and the list of performers will be known soon.

Concerts are just one of many types of events happening in Belgrade in days leading to the New Year’s celebration, as there will be plenty of manifestations lasting from several days to several weeks, such as Belgrade winter, Fairytale square and New Year’s fest. Some manifestations will start on December 1, and it is impossible even to count them all, as most of them are of a local type and great many are commercial in nature.

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