Mixer Festival 2015: “Itch”

The 7th Mixer Festival, one of the largest regional events of creativity and innovation, will be held for the 4th time in Savamala from June 3 to 7.

It will present around 1000 participants from Serbia and abroad and it will emphasize the social potential of creative work and activism as the last chance for exit from moral, social and economic crisis.

This year’s Mixer festival concludes that the future of young generations lies in the spontaneous launching of new, humane, non-institutional, and far more sustainable systems of creative actions, urban development, association and networking. The motto of this year’s festival “Neizdrž” (Itch) suggests that now this process cannot be stopped!


Creative people are invited to recognize “their breaking point,” talk about their frustrations of dealing with creative works in Serbia, at Balkan and in the world today, to connect their creative impulses and strengthen their desire for a change and to constructively contribute to solutions for the brave new world.

Music program will be opened by popular blues musician Ana Popović on June 3. Along with Ana, the audience will enjoy in concerts by Goblini, band Time led by Croatian singer Dado Topić, highly popular Artan Lili, Darkwood Dub and many others. Just as always, Mixer Festival will promote young and unestablished bands that will be chosen thru a public music competition.