Fest – 45. International Film Festival will be organized under the slogan „Open you eyes“ from 24th of February to 5th of March, in Belgrade.


Fest is envisioned as the annual review of the best films of the season. During 45 years, Fest become one of the most important festivals on the Europian continent and one of the most significant events of Belgrade’s cultural life. The biggest feature of FEST is that presents films from all parts of the world, as well as all relevant authors and works that would never have the opportunity to be shown in cinemas.


On the 45. Internetional films festival – Fest will be shown one hundred films devided into certain program units:

1.OPENING MOVIE – Film „On the Milky Road“ with Monica Bellucci in the lead female role, will open the Fest. Emir Kusturica, director of this rewarded film, said that the story is about moral, faith and belief.

2.MAIN COMPETITION PROGRAM – Fifteen different types of film (from current terrorist films to nostalgic comedies), from twelfth different countries, will compete for the award: the best film, the best male role, the best female role, the best direction, the best scenario, the best debut and for the jury award.

3.SERBIAN FILM – In the second competition program, in national selection, will be shown seven movies icluding the premier of the Requiem for Mrs. J and Afterparty.

4.OUT OF COMPETITION – Non – competitive part of the program presents movies: The Salesman, Frantz, Paterson, The Distinguished Citizen, Ray, The birth of the nation, The Other Side of Hope, Trespass Against Us.

5.FEST 45 GALA – Traditionaly, the main favorites for Oskar will be shown on the Fest. Some of the best rated films are: Elle, Qeen of Spain, Noctural Animals which director is legendary Tom Ford and film Jackie that follow the life of the first lady of America, on an atypical way.

6.FEST 45 – Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Hidden Figures and Hell of High Water are films nominated for the Oscar in category – the best film in its entirety. Together with another 12 films, these films compose the program unit Fest 45.

– Eighteen films of Europian cinema will be shown on the Fest. Smoke & Mirrors, Worlds Apart and The Invisible Guest got significant awards and exellent reviews on famous foreign festivals.

8.FRONTIERS – Third competition program is dediceted to art house subversive films with the topic „Erasing bounderies between documentary and feature films“. Eight films from eight countiries will be shown in this part of program.

9.THRILLS & KILLS – Creepy, Kills on Wheels and Train to Busan are the most provocative films between eight films included in this program unit.

10.MICROWAVE – Two interesting Serbian films will be presented on the Fest: Love Affair, film directed by students of the film school PREDITOR from Belgrade and film Our Father, Mothers and their children directed by Sanja Savić.

11.PLAZMA FESTIĆ – The Red Turtle, My life as a Zucchini, Nika, A Bag of Marbles are films for children and teenagers.

12.SPECIAL SCREENINGS – There are documentary about Abbas Kiarostami and Stanley Kubrick’s among seven movies in this part.

13.CLOSING MOVIE – Film Silence, directed by Martin Scorsese, will close the Fast. The story took place in Japan and took about samuraies and their codex and resistance to change in 17th centry.

The main program of the Fast will be held in Sava centar, while others showing of films will be held in Dom omladine, Dvorana Kulturnog centra, Fontana movie theatre and Dvorana Doma sindikata. Tickets can be bought on the box offices of these halls and an Eventim ticket place.


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