This year’s Stand Up Fest, seventh since the manifestation started, will he held from October 17th to October 23rd in cultural center “Vuk Karadzic”.

We can recommend this festival to all our guests, since it is the one event which will truly lift your spirits. Stand Up comedy motivates the audience to think about current issues and some of the contradictions of the modern society. Stand Up Fest also has transnational character, as many comedians from the Balkans and other European countries, perform their acts in English.

Stand Up Fest is also very interesting since many young comedians are performing there in front of large audiences for the first time. That way, attitude of the crowd can really have an impact on comedians, and even influence their future development. Both the young and more experienced comedians are often talking to the audience during the shows, so you have to be ready to answer a question or two, or even accept a joke on your behalf.

One novelty this year is the night of macabre humor, so if you are in any way sensitive to some topics or ideas, or you don’t like to discuss some topics in the unfamiliar environment, you better prepare for a shock, as there are no taboo topics in Stand Up comedy.

Tickets for the festival can be bought online via the website tickeline.rs, or directly in “Vuk Karadzic” cultural center. It is located in King Alexander Boulevard, so walk from the hotel is just about 30 minutes long, taking you through the very center of the city. You can also take a bus or a taxi, making it only a 10 minute ride.

Do not miss to attend at least one day of this festival, as you have the opportunity to see some of the best comedians in Europe. It is the biggest festival of this type, and well worth your time.

Stand Up Fest 2017 schedule (all events start at 20PM)

17.10. New Stand Up performance by Srdjan Dincic “Trece stanje”. Ticket price: 1200rsd
18.10. Regional girls night – Dinja, Marina Orsag, Martina Ipsa. Ticket price: 1000rsd
19.10. Daniel Sloss – “Now”, Special Guest: Kai Humphries. Ticket price: 1200rsd
20.10. Night of macabre humor “Bez drame” – Nikola Silic, Aleksandar Perisic, Ivan Nikolic, Ana Zlatanovic. Ticket price: 800rsd
21.10. Regional night – Tin Vodopivec, Tomislav Primorac, Nenad Stefanovski, Tin Sedlar, Sasko Kocev. Ticket price: 1000rsd
22.10. Open mic – Volunteers will get comments by professional comedians from Standup.rs and festival’s guests. Ticket price: 250rsd
23.10. Improvisation night – Srdjan Dincic, Aleksandar Perisic, Nesha Bridges, Ivan Nikolic, Ana Zlatanovic. Ticket price: 800rsd

Photos: Standup.rs