„Slavija 2017“ – the XVI International Theatre Festival will take place in theatre Slavija, from 9th to 16th of March. The festival is based on dramatic texts, usually writen by well-known writers.


Eight dramas, which are about life opportunities and conflicts in seven different counties (Russia, Belarus, Iran, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Estonia and Serbia), will be performed at the festival. Slavija festival is part of the Platform EFFE (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) since last year, when it got label EFFE 2015/2016. Platform EFFE consists of festivals that are synonymous with the artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level, representing 31 Europe countries.


*9th of March – 8 PM – The first night of the Slavija festival, after opening ceremony, the Russian Academic Youth Theatre of Rostov-on-Don, will play „Monsieur Ibrahim“. The play, directed by respected contemporary French playwright Eric – Emmanuel Schmitt, is about experiences of a boy on his journey from Paris to Instanbul.

*10th of March – 8 PM – Republic Theatre of Belarus Drama, from Minsk, will present „Pelikan“, the work of famous Swedish auhor August Strindberg.

*11th of March – 8PM – The third festival performance will be „Shadows of the Wind“, directed by Fereydon Velaei. A cheerful game protagonists, with their own shadow that can handle many problems of existence of a modern man, will be played by Barish Theatre, from Maragheh – IRAN.

*12th of March – 8PM – The story of Fyodor Dostoyevsky – „Dream of a Ridiculous Man“, is about funny man who is engaged in solving the current problems of today’s life. Experimental Drama Theatre of Nationalities, from Moscow, will perform this play.

*13th of March – 8PM – The fifth evening, host of the festival – theatre Slavija, will perform „The Heartless Woman“, a drama of the most important Sebian playwright Branislav Đ. Nušić.

*14th of March – 8 PM – State Drama Theatre „Stoyan Bachvarov“, from Varna – Bulgaria, will play „One-Eyed-King“ of Spanish writer Mark Creheut. It’s about issues of contemporary political life.

*15th of March – 8 PM – The seventh night of the Festival, Estonian Theatre RAAM Tallinn will perform a piece of August Kitzberg – „Werewolf“. Play contains the discussion about the state of mind in a rural area after burning of a young woman proclaimed as a witch.

*16th of March – 8 PM – The last evening of the festival, Zhambyl Regional Russian Drama Theatre, from Kazakhstan will perform „Nero and I“, directed by Erward Radzinsky. After the play audience will attend the closing ceremony and the jury will declare winer.

You can buy individual or set tickets (for eight preformances), from 9AM to 9PM, at theatre Slavija ticket place.