Author of „Despacito“ comes to Arena on Nov. 24th

This autumn there are several great concerts in Kombank Arena, a real opportunity to hear some of the big names in music. Three great musicians and bends will perform before the end of the year, the first being Nick Cave on 28.10, while the second are Scorpions on 07.12. Between these two legends comes a concert of one younger musician, although also a renown one – Luis Fonsi. He is the author of many hits and extremely popular in Latin America, but its was only this year that he got world fame with his song „Despacito“, which now holds world record for the number of views on YouTube.

Luis Fonsi was born in 1978, and was already very popular after the first album „Comenzare“ came out in 1998. In the following years he produced a new album each year, and before the last decade was out, Fonsi was already widely acclaimed as the greatest Latino singer of the younger generation. He won the Emmy Award in 2009. for the song „Aqui Estoy Yo“, and his current album „8“ (really his 8th) was recorded in 2014. It was in the January this year when he recorder the big hit „Despacito“, also featuring Daddy Yankee. Very quickly, the song became a hit throughout the world.

„Despacito“ – The great YouTube hit

„Despacito“ is the first song to reach four billion views on YouTube and is still the only song above that threshold. The song took of from day one, as it had five million views in first 24 hours on January 12th. In 154 days song reached two billion views, twice as fast as the previous record holder – “Sorry” by Justin Bieber (Bieber also made a remix of „Despacito“, which was his first recorded song in Spanish).

By the end of October of 2017, „Despacito“ was convincingly on the top of most viewed YouTube videos list, with 4.13 billion views, with Wiz Khalifa and his song „See You Again“ holding the second place (3.13 billions), and Psy on the third place with „Gangam Style“ (2.99 billions). It’s worth noting that both these songs had several years to achieve this number of views, while „Despacito“ is on YouTube for less than a year.

Fonsi is coming to Belgrade on his Love + Dance tour, which he begun in July. The tour ends in Europe, a little after the concert in Belgrade. There are concerts each two days, so Fonsi can rest from the previous show. If you cannot make it to Arena, you can catch up with him two nights later in Zagreb. Ticket are inexpensive, starting with 2.590RSD for the floor, 2.990RSD for the stands and 6.000RSD for the VIP boxes.