Lord of the Dance in Belgrade on 10th of April

Artistic sensation Lord of the Dance will perform on 10th of April in Belgrade, as a part of the new world tour at the Sava Centre.

Prominent dance group holds the world record of 21 consecutive productions, since the famous performance at the Wembly Arena in 1998. Lord of the Dance returns to Belgrade to exhibit yet another unforgettable dance and music spectacle, after stealing the show of many theatres around the world including West End and Broadway, and selling the record number of available tickets.

Lord of the Dance will perform in Sava Centre

The troupe is lead by a famous Michael Flatley, who directs, produces, makes choreographies, and takes part in some of the most successful performances. Lightning, strobe, RGB lasers; pyrotechnics, LED video wall, cannons with confetti and many other special effects are an integral part of the spectacle, which leaves the audience breathless.

“Hours and hours of practice are needed to be where we are now. We are the main representatives of Ireland today, and we managed to preserve the traditional values of our country, which is a great success’’, said Michael Flatley before the first appearance in 2014, in Belgrade.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is a title of a spectacular show that will be played in Belgrade. The premiere of this show was successfully played at the Palladium Theatre in London’s West End in 2014. The performance was relocated to the Dominion Theatre in 2015, where Michael Flatley performed the last show. James Keegan, Morgan Comer, Mathew Smith, Cathal Keaney, Fergal Keane and Andras Kern play as Masters of Dance. Michael Flatley has directed the show and has made the choreography.

Dangerous Games brings unprecedented scenography, costumes and choreography, which makes exceptional combination of traditional and contemporary dance. The tour includes 200 performances in 15 countries for 18 months.

Lord of the Dance in Belgrade

Lord of the Dance is Michael Flatley

Michael exceeded his first Guinness World Record of 35 taps per second set in 1998. Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger are the most famous performances he played. He has won numerous awards for his contribution to art and entertainment, promotion of Ireland, and Irish dance and music. Flatley has been inspiring, motivating, supporting and encouraging young talents for the last two decades, so his motto is well known everywhere in the world: “Nothing is impossible. Follow your dreams. “

Do not miss to see this unique event in Belgrade on 10th of April!

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