Night of Museums in Belgrade

Night of Museums, one of the most popular and beautiful manifestations in Belgrade, as well as in Serbia, will be held on Saturday, May 19th. Thanks to museums, galleries and cultural institutions that will be open in the evening (from 5 pm to 1 am), the city will respond to culture, art, history and genius that knows no boundaries. The fifteenth edition of the Night of Museums carries the symbolic title “Victories and Victors”.

“This year the whole world marks the end of the Great War. As with any conflict, somebody ultimately produced the epithet of the winner, and some of the defeated. We belong to those who came out of the Great War as victors, but we do not want it to be a victory we celebrate this year, because no war can have a happy ending, and every war victory comes at a high price,” organizers of the event said.

They add that the fifteenth Night of Museums is inspired by the great sacrifices the population has made, aiming to build a more free and fair world, and that it aims to mark some personal, intimate and humane victories. Victory is marked as a surpassing of itself. Individual victories in life, art, education, culture, science, and everything that makes the world around us more meaningful, more important and valuable will be emphasized.

“Being an artist, besides the invaluable gift of art creation, means as well – to master to win, to move or simply to break the limits, to engage the environment, to open new ways of freedom.”

Night of Museums in Belgrade

The Night of Museums will mark the victory of knowledge – the opening of the Great School in Belgrade and the publication of the first “Serbian Dictionary” by Vuk Karadzic. It will point out the importance of the works of Rastko Petrovic, Radoje Domanovic and Nadezda Petrovic, and recall the rich Serbian literature, history and tradition. We will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the first woman architect in Belgrade – Jelisaveta Nacic, who designed the Small staircase at Kalemegdan 125 years ago, and to remind ourselves of the importance of the great historical event when the suffragists in the UK and Ireland won the right of women to vote. Also, we will have the opportunity to experience the unusual path that the Winner, as a symbol of Belgrade, had to overcome for his great victory.

The Night of Museums brings Untold Stories

The Night of Museums continues to educate us, examine, and surprises from year to year, and this year also opens a forgotten, but very important Belgrade institutions. Viasat History has organized a tour of “Untold Stories”, within which visitors of the manifestation in Belgrade will be able to see into the house of the Veljkovic family, visit the legacy of the famous Vojislav Jovanovic Marambo, and step into the famous Doctor Tower, which is the place where Laza Lazarevic, famous Serbian writer and doctor worked.

Progressive ideas, art pieces of the undeniable value, picturesque people, events that marked history, are more than sufficient reason