Jump INN hotel offers you a chance to choose a modern, fun and eco-friendly way to explore Belgrade! Cruise through the streets, stop and refresh at the city’s famous coffee shops and restaurants or go shopping without having to carry all those bags in your hands back to the hotel. Just jump on one of our e-bikes and enjoy the ride. Jump INN hotel has a unique location in the heart of the city, so every destination is at your grasp.

Ada Ciganlija island

Covered by thick forest, and speckled with clearings and meadows, Ada is now the largest, most beautiful and preferred outing area, beach and leisure spot in Belgrade. During spring and summer thousands of people visit this area looking for some sports and recreation, or just wanting to sit back, gaze into the lake and relax.

25. maj

Named after the famous sports center on the river, this bike lane allows you to cruise the oldest parts of Belgrade, passing the Belgrade Fortress and archeological spots on your way to the river, where you can enjoy and refresh on Belgrade’s famous floating restaurants.

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